Why Auctions?

Benefits to selling at auction

You may be asking yourself, why should I choose to sell at auction? Indeed, it may seem like it would be simpler to just put the items up yourself on a generic bidding site and sell directly to the customer. This is not the case.

With us, all the hassle of handling customer returns, shipping, queries, payments and any of the other tediousness that would come with selling on your own is completely out of your hands. We will handle all this and more leaving you free to focus on the running of your business. This is particularly advantageous for companies in need of a quick end route.

A further advantage is that, since all goods are sold as seen we maintain a high reclamation of income for our clients. By offering our customers the option to view our lots before they bid, it allows us to sell lots that contain items which might not be in the best condition. These are attractive to traders who will often bid on these lots for the use of their parts. This is advantageous for you as it means that even faulty or returned products can still be profitable as long as it is presented to the right market.

Another benefit of selling your overstock and returns with us is that it helps contribute to your environmental policy. By sending your items to us, you are avoiding these items going to a landfill. This is particularly advantageous in the modern world where concerns about climate change are becoming more prevalent than ever.

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