Don't let your outdated equipment go to waste

The food industry is one predicated on constant advancement. As newer equipment comes out to ease the food preparation process, older equipment becomes redundant, but is still very much usable and retains value well.

One large pub chain that encountered this dilemma had previously been spending large amounts of money on disposing of and recycling their old but still working equipment, until we approached with an alternative solution.

We have worked extensively with a large buyer base looking for used but functional catering equipment, but a business as large as the one we approached, very understandably, hadn't previously considered the route to market we could offer. Once we explained the benefits that would come with tapping into this secondary market, they were eager to let us get started.

When we had been given permission to put our ideas into action, we worked hard to build a strong relationship between client and auctioneer to ensure that the desired results were achieved. We believe in truly tailoring our approach to clients on a case-by-case basis, setting us apart from other companies who rely on their own standard operating procedures which we find to be too rigid for our taste. We want our clients to feel that they can trust us to give them the best results possible when selling their stock.

Over three years, we worked with this company extensively as they refitted over a hundred pubs. In those three years they saw their costly disposal techniques replaced with a solution where their obsolete equipment was a new lease of life through our secondary market, allowing them to recuperate a large amount of their costs. The benefits of our work were so great that the franchise has returned to us on multiple occasions to remarket additional products outside of our original catering equipment remit, ranging from furniture to personal devices and electronics.